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We would like to take a moment for you to meet our qualified, professional and friendly staff at Desert View Animal Hospital. We believe it is important for you to get familiar with the people that will be providing care to your special loved one.

Name: Stephanie Wallendorff, DVM

School: Colorado State University, Graduated in 2005
Time in WY: >35 years
Time at DVAH: >10 years
Position: Head Veterinarian, Clinic Owner
What do you like most about your job: The variety. It's never dull!
Best experience at DVAH: When I am able to help an animal recover against all odds or helping the pet owner come to terms with their animal's illness or death.
Plans/hopes for the future: To provide quality care for my patients and continue to make DVAH into one of the top hospitals in the state
My Own Pets: Badger & Howdy (Horses); Bella, Fiona & Lucy (Cats); Dug, Alessa, Sage & Gladius (Dogs); Billy & Larry (Goats)

Name: Megan Beavers, DVM

School:  Oklahoma State University, Graduated in 2012
Time in WY: >30 years
Time at DVAH: >4 years
Position: Associate Veterinarian
What do you like most about your job: The variability. You never see the same thing twice and each day is always an adventure. 
Best experience at DVAH: Learning new surgical procedures and medical techniques to better help my patients. 
Plans/hopes for the future: Continue to better myself and stay current with the latest technology and protocols so that my patients and their people always get the best I can give. 
My Own Pets: A husband, 3 dogs, 6 cats, 2 horses, 2 goats, 18 chickens

Name: Tracey Hennings

Time in WY: >10 years
Time at DVAH: >10 years
Position: Head Technician
What do you like most about your job:
Helping Animals
Best experience at DVAH: C-sections
Plans/hopes for future: Be the best animal hospital in the State
My Own Pets: Kit, Monster, Broken, Valdez & Achmed
(Cats), Aspen, Shorty, Tater & K.C. (Dogs), Maude, Rocky, Skipper, Kelso, & Ginger (Birds)

Name: Kathy Shaw

Time in WY: >50 Years
Time at DVAH: >20 Years
Position: Hospital Administration
What do you like most about your job:
Being able to have the resources available to
provide the best care possible for our patients.
Best experience at DVAH: The relationships established with the clients.
Plans/hopes for the future: Helping DVAH provide the best care for our patients and clients
My Own Pets: Tess & Greta (Schnauzers) 

Name: Julie Rasmussen

Time in WY: >25 years
Time at DVAH: >10 Years
Position: Veterinary Technician
Like about the job: All the variety.
Best Experience: There are too many to count.
Plans/Hopes for Future: To further my knowledge about pet care.
My Own Pets: Journey & Cleo (Dogs), Cryton (Horses), Mortimer, Minion, Monkey & Midget (cats) and Trigger & Oreo (goats)

Name:  Stephanie O’Neal

Time in Wyoming:  >30 years
Time at DVAH:  >4 years
Position:  Technician, Receptionist
What do you like most about your job?:  Every day I get to experience something new.
Best Experience at DVAH:  Each day that we save an animal is a great day.  
Plans/Hopes for the Future:  I hope to learn and become the efficient at helping animals and to provide the best care possible.  
My Own Pets:  Charlie, Bentley & Rubi (dogs), Clyde (Siamese Fighting Fish), Pokey Joe (African Spurred Tortoise)

Name:  Jennifer Mathews

Time in Wyoming:  >6 years
Time at DVAH:  >2 years
Position:  Receptionist
What do you like most about your job?:  I enjoy helping the pet owners feel more comfortable.   
Best Experience at DVAH:  I don't have a particular experience but I love seeing all the love and compassion that the staff has for the animals.  
Plans/Hopes for the Future:  I would love to own property in Alaska and live on the land and off the grid.  
My Own Pets:  Hooli and Dixie (dogs), Tango (Parakeet) 

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